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TIMELINE - Covid-19 edition

  1. Inspired at Nirin Sydney Biennial surrounded by amazing First Nation artists from around the world. Nice to be around others who get it.
  2. Make grand plans
  3. Pandemic hits, self isolate.
  4. Bye bye plans. 
  5. Flights canceled, need to get home.
  6. Make it home.
  7. Lock down
  8. Get sick with cold.
  9. Eviction notice
  10. Depression.
  11. Lost
  12. Reach out
  13. Bad suggestions
  14. Lost.
  15. Isolated alone
  16. Depression
  17. Reach out
  18. Write huge research proposal
  19. One 30 minute talk not helpful - Told in meeting "everyone else is struggling but able to do the work". Despite explaining that part of my diagnosed anxiety and depression causes cognitive issues when stressed.
  20. Proposal to big
  21. Receive the same PDF over and over but it conflicts with what I was told.
  22. Try to rethink research for the 3rd time.
  23. Focus on teaching self how to create a 3D model for Adobe Aero AR app.
  24. It works!
  25. Test
  26. Test out on walks with Albert in public spaces
  27. Share to get feedback from my peers
  28. Good feed back.
  29. Proud and excited by creating
  30. Grant approved!
  31. Stressed about research and still depressed
  32. First presentation, computer kept crashing.
  33. Some helpful feed back but some patronizing feedback. 
  34. Reach out
  35. Finally a helping hand
  36. Buy amazing new computer.
  37. Learn to sculpt in 3D
  38. Finally get a week off work but have to stay connected.
  39. Work everyday to get research presentation right
  40. Wish I was dead
  41. Good idea hits to get others involved in testing the AR possums.
  42. Attend online presentation. stress because many are going longer than 15 mins. tired no sleep. do presentation last. quick good feedback.
  43. Done
  44. Finish off website catalog
  45. Confused
  46. Research past MAPS online catalogs. 
  47. Stay up all night so I can have the weekend off.
  48. Finished writing timeline
  49. Pray I pass so I can focus on the important things like my health.
  50. Proud of my AR possums
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