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  • As an art practitioner, practice-based art research.

  • Attending the Nirin Sydney Biennale and the aabaakwad 2020 NIRIN gathering and artist talks.

  • Conversations with my Elders on folklore, stories passed down to them through family. Contemporary  Kulin culture draws upon the oral history passed down through the generations.     

  •   Peer reviewed sources, Internet articles and videos. 

  • Archival and family photographs.

  • Artists: Steaphan Paton - Urban Doolagahl  2011,  Ellen Jose - Boon wurrung Blossom 2008, Maree and Peter Clarke’s Tram 1988, Time of Chaos, Bunjil’s Eggs - Glenn Romanis 2008, KAWS x ACUTE ART 2020 and Alan Michelson with Steve Fragale, “Sapponckanikan (Tobacco Field)” (2019), augmented reality.

  •  Melbourne Museum photographs of ancestral belongings.

  • Historical references and illustrations, Smyth, R. Brough observations and the William Thomas journals.

  • Trial and error

  • Depression and desperation

  • Critical refection 

  • Experimentation

  • Audience Collaboration

  • Play

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