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My name is Jarra Karalinar Steel I am a Multidisciplinary artist from Melbourne Australia.

I am a Multidisciplinary artist/creative from Melbourne Australia.

A Graduate from The University of Melbourne/ Victorian Collage of the Arts ( Graduating in 2015) with a Bachelor of Production.

Currently finishing a Masters of Arts (in public spaces) at RMIT. ​

My work is my an expression of my self, culture and Identity. ​

I draw from my memories, experiences, growing up in Melbourne and on country in Boon Wurrung and Wemba Wemba culture with knowledge pasted down from my mother and family.
I also draw from my Scottish and English rich heritage. ​

I translate all that through a contemporary lens evolving it respectfully in what ever form I wish it to take. ​

I am mainly self taught and play with as many creative disciplines as I can to visually tell a story.

Using natural materials, found objects and computer aided design.

I find joy in challenging myself learning new mediums. ​

I am passionate advocate for Self-Representation of Victorian First Peoples Art and Culture and making sure it is kept alive and thriving. ​

Lately my focus has been towards Public and Community art and looking at ways to insert contemporary cultural visual language in to the urban and digital landscape.

Reclaiming space and belonging.​

I'm also keen to explore Indigenous Futurism for future projects in the digital public space.


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