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This is a page created to share my AR Possum Spirits.

These Possums are a work in progress, I'm looking in to ways to deliver this through it's own App.

In the mean time if you wish to try out and take the Possum Spirits on a journey.


You will need to have an iPhone or iPad, You will need to download the Adobe Aero app to use the file. Please note you will need to have the most recent iOs update on your device.
Also this might not work on older devices.

For Adobe Aero App

Sadly Androids users can't use the Adobe Aero app 😢, hopefully Adobe will change this in the future. 

As I am only just learning this technology, I am trying to find a way to make this available for all those with a smart device. 

I would love to see photos of the Possums travels floating in space. be it at your home, in your garden or out on the street in Public spaces. Please use respectfully.

Either send these photos to me at or share on instagram following and tagging @possumspirits with the tags #WalertMurrup or #walertmurrup2020

Please note the res isn’t the best on the app, so don’t stress if the photos aren’t perfect. This might depend on your how current your phone is. 

I find they look nicer when you are up close.

By downloading this file you agree to use the Possum Spirits respectively, if shared, you will credit the source and that you understand that this is still in development and it may change over time.

Below is the Download button for the possums and some YouTube tutorials if you get stuck.




To download please choose to either do a direct download or through Dropbox

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