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  • Explore new ways of delivering Public Art during a pandemic.

  • Explore digital story telling of First Peoples folklore.

  • Reclamation of Public Urban/Digital Space – Inserting South Eastern Victorian cultural art as a way to reclaim and culturalize public and digital space.

  • Promoting Boonwurrung self-representation

  • Documenting new Folklore and retelling of these stories. 

  •  Creating Future Folklore – Growing up, I was told many stories that are now fragmented memories of South Eastern Kulin folklore. I feel that creating my own future folklore, using personal iconography, will give me more ownership to tell my own stories to tell my own stories for future generations, as our culture is ever evolving.

  •  South Eastern Kulin Visual Language – Different from the Papunya ‘Aboriginal dot art’, which is more commonly accepted as ‘Aboriginal art’. South Eastern Kulin visual language is made up of repetitive geometric shapes – herringbone and chevron – using natural plant/animal materials, carving, weaving, ochre and body art (scaring).

  •  Personal Iconography – A lot of my work uses Personal Iconography ie. the Possum Spirits. 

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